Betternet for iOS, iPad and iPod Touch

Betternet for iOS offers you a free and unlimited VPN service. This app provides you multi VPN servers for free. This servers located in various countries, where you can pick any of them freely to suit your needs with no size limit. Unlike any other VPN service, Betternet comes with no ads, registrations, credit card and such. This VPN service is totally free for everyone.

Betternet comes with fast and reliable speed VPN servers. According to statistic, this unlimited VPN servers handle 1 petabyte data each day. This approximately equal to 500.000 full HD movie per day.

Betternet for iOS allows your iPhone to trick a website about your location based on IP address. Also, with this feature you can unblock any restricted website. Therefore, you will get unlimited freedom for getting useful content and information on the internet.

Another reason why you should start using Betternet is, it is easy to use. Installing Betternet for iOS is straightforward and as simple as the setup. And just with one tap connect and you ready to unblock any website and get ultimate privacy protection.

How to Install And Set Up Betternet for iOS

There is not much I can explain here. It shows how easy to setup Betternet for your iOS. Betternet requires iOS 8.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Here is quick step by step tutorial for you

  1. First, download Betternet for iOS from iTunes then open it
  2. There will be some welcoming screens about Betternet features. Swap multiple times to the right till the last page. Lastly, tap Got it
  3. A message will popup asking you for Betternet to send notification, tap OK
  4.  Now, there is a big button Install profile, tap it. Then Betternet will ask permission to add VPN configuration to your phone, tap Allow. You will be prompted to enter your password or finger print if you set one.
  5.  Next, you will see a face with CONNECT button below it, Tap it and wait for a secs to connect to VPN server.
  6.  Once the face is smiling it means you are ready to use Betternet VPN service for your iOS.
    Betternet for iOS - connected
    Betternet for iOS connected


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