Betternet for Chrome Browser: How to Install Add-ons

With free VPN Betternet for Chrome, you can surf online without any restriction from accessing blocked websites. Furthermore, by installing VPN on your Chrome browser, you can always hide your identity from everyone. That, your privacy will stay protected all the time.

Betternet Protection when Using Public WiFi

Betternet is very useful to add protection when using open public WI-Fi. As we know that, public WI-Fi holds many risks to users since this connection can be easily sniffed by third party to steal any transferred data. By installing Betternet VPN for your Chrome, with encrypted data feature, you don’t have to worry about such thing.

Your online payment and others essential transactions using Chrome browser will be secured. Any attempt from third party to interrupt and steal your data will be a waste with Betternet installed.

Free VPN from Betternet is the perfect match for your Chrome browser. This browser extension format is very helpful in case you have restricted access from installing any Win32 application in your computer. You can utilize your Chrome with free VPN service from Betternet by simply add it as Chrome extension.

How to add Betternet for Chrome Browser

In this page we are going to show you step by step how to add free VPN Betternet extension for Chrome.

  1. First, launch your Chrome browser, download here if you haven’t install it.
  2. Now, go to this Chrome Webstore to search for Betternet.

    Betternet for Chrome-Webstore
    Search Betternet on Chrome Webstore
  3. You will find Betternet on the top of the list. Next, click ADD TO CHROME to begin installation.
  4. Then, a message will pop-up, asking permission to add Betternet Extension. Click Add Extension

    Betternet for Chrome-Add extension
    Permission to add Betternet on Chrome
  5. Now, the installation will start, just need a few seconds to complete. You will see this message below if the installation has completed. Also, Betternet icon appears on your top-right chrome window

    Betternet for Chrome-Betternet added
    Betternet Extension has been installed on Chrome
  6. At this point, you have completed installing Betternet on your Chrome browser. All you need to do is activate the service. Now, click the Betternet icon on the top-right.

    Betternet for Chrome-Not connected
    Betternet VPN is not connected
  7. Next, click CONNECT to start the VPN service. Wait for a while till image turns into a smiling face.

    Betternet for Chrome-Connected
    Betternet free VPN connected and ready to use
  8. Now, you are ready to surf your blocked websites. Done

As you can see above, my Chrome is connected to VPN server from United Kingdom. When I do browsing my real IP address will be masked with the IP from VPN server located at United Kingdom. With this, others won’t be able to track my identity and real location based on IP address.

If you prefer to use other location, just click the country list. This way, you can find which server is the best, and faster for you.

Remember that, unlike Betternet for PC Windows, Betternet VPN for Chrome is exclusively for your browsing activity and download using Chrome browser. Other program’s connections such other browsers, apps and services on your computer will not affected.

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