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This page aimed to help you to install and download Betternet apk for your android device. As we know, Betternet offers free and unlimited service for VPN (see Betternet App). With this one tap connect VPN, your android will get entire access for blocked websites in your country, school, or even workplace.

Android has become the largest ecosystem for smartphone. The daily online activities are shifted from PC to android, such as chatting, messaging, social media accessing and more.

It must be frustrating if you are unable to use those services because of blocked websites. School or workplace administrator is often restrict websites like facebook, twitter, youtube and soon. If you are facing this problem, then download Betternet apk for android is the best solution.

Betternet APK Download for Android to Unblock any Website

By installing Betternet apk for android you will easily get your internet freedom back. This app is very easy to use with just one tap connect to VPN service from Betternet.

Betternet apk VPN is not restricted to only browser, but also works for other apps on your phone. That, all connection from installed apps such as games and messengers is also being tunneled by the VPN services. Therefore, your passwords, login accounts and chatting activities will be protected from spies.

You can Install and download Betternet apk from Google Play Store. This app requires android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up. Betternet apk is lightweight, that is the reason why this app works well even on an old android.

On the Play Store, I suggest you to tap Read more. Try to do a little skimming to the statistic page. You will find a large number the android active users (approx 20.000.000). Moreover the rating, this app has 4.5 star from 570,183 total user reviews, which concluded as great. This numbers shows how popular Betternet apk is.

Betternet APK Download for Android - user reviews
User reviews for Betternet APK on Play Store

Betternet APK Download from Mirror Server: Latest and Older Version

Betternet rapidly updates their app to create a better free VPN services that compatible for various Android devices.

You can always get the latest android version of Betternet through Play store. However, if you prefer to download manually from external source, here we have Betternet apk for Android from mirror server.

Version Size Release date
Betternet 3.8.5 APK Free VPN Proxy (Latest Version) 19mb 28 Feb 2017
Betternet 3.8.4 APK Free VPN Proxy 18mb 25 Feb 2017
Betternet 3.8.3 APK Free VPN Proxy 16mb 10 Feb 2017
Betternet 3.8.0 APK Free VPN Proxy 16mb 28 Jan 2017
Betternet 3.7.8 APK Free VPN Proxy 15mb 22 Dec 2016
Betternet 3.7.7 APK Free VPN Proxy 15mb 24 Nov 2016

Note: Requires android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up

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