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Betternet app is one of the best forever free VPN service available for various devices. As the name stated, this app makes the internet a better place to provide secure and limitless information for everyone.

Before we explain any further about Betternet app, here we will discuss a little about internet censorship and security, two major reasons why Betternet app exists.

Internet censorship

Today’s internet censorship has become a burden for many people. Many communities against the censorship since this act means violating people’s right to get information. Undeniably, countless websites that carry a lot of useful content have been blocked by governments, organizations, and internet providers.

Inaccessible sources of content is somewhat wasteful. Benefiting content that hold Important information means nothing when it is not shared to public.

Moreover the censorship sometimes uses the incorrect algorithm to decide what websites need to block. Here in my country, reddit page has been banned and blocked. This, I wonder what measure to take this action.

Internet Security

Security is also one of the biggest concern. There are many unsecured internet services around, it can be open public Wi-fi, a public network, or even the ISP itself. And when using the service, the users is open to many harmful threats.

Those unsecured connections can be spied or interrupted by the third party. Either using WiFi spoofing or Firesheep, they are able to harvest the users identity, passwords, and even personal bank account.

The best answer to solve those problems is by using VPN service.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a mechanism used to add security and privacy to public or private networks, like the internet and WiFi Hot-spots.

Betternet app-how VPN works
How VPN works

VPN works as intermediate computer assistant between users home computer and the world wide web (www). When users computer request to open page from a website, this sequel of commands will be encrypted then send it to the VPN server through a port tunnel. On the VPN, those requests are decrypted then send it to the original www website server. And when the www server replies, the process will be vised versa.

Almost all large corporations have this VPN service installed on their connection. The encryption prevents the users from being spied which usually done by interrupting the device’s connection. This method has been proven as the best way to secure and protect essential information when doing online activities.

Another advantage by using VPN, users can hide the real IP address and replace it with the VPN’s IP server. That, the identity can be maintained to stay hidden all the time. Furthermore, this method allows users to access blocked websites by the ISP administrator.

Betternet App: Free VPN Proxy App

Betternet app-image1
Betternet App on smartphone

Betternet free VPN is a multi-platform app created to overcome the boundary of internet censorship to give users the right to access any information and privacy protection. Betternet objectives is to make the internet a better place to provide secure and limitless information for everyone.

Betternet offers FREE and unlimited VPN service. With Betternet users can always access blocked websites in its country, a workplaces or school. Users can unblock websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more. All this features are totally free to use.

Betternet app-stay anonymous
Stay anonymous and protected

Betternet put users security at the highest priority. This app allows the users to connect anonymously to the internet and helps the users to secure device’s connection with the data encryption. Furthermore, the IP can be changed with ease in real time to prevent the users from being tracked, even from the government.

This app is easy to use by simply one-click connect to stay anonymous when doing online activities. There is no ads, login and even registration needed.

Betternet is available for various devices: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Chrome extension and Firefox extension.

betternet app-android apk
Betternet APK on Android

Betternet App Features

  • Forever FREE app. Users can get Betternet services with price of nothing, its totally free for everyone.
  • No ads. No intrusive ads bugging users online activities.
  • No registration or login needed. No credit card, surveys, login and such to use Betternet.
  • Simple and easy to use. One click to connect VPN server and ready to go.
  • Lightweight. Betternet is light with almost no significant impact for device’s performance.
  • Unblock any websites. Access entirely blocked websites and bypass internet censorship
  • Security and privacy protection. Data encryption for data transfer to add security protection against third party attacks. With Betternet, users will stay anonymous with no activities tracked.
  • Fast and reliable VPN servers. Automatically detects users location and connects it to the nearest available server.
  • High compatibility. Betternet is compatible on ranged devices: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and even available for browsers extension such as Chrome and Firefox.

With tons of features offered, Betternet app stands above others VPN services. For android alone, Betternet has been installed by more than 20.000.000 active devices. Also, Betternet has 4.5 stars as the rating from 570,183 total user reviews on Playstore.

Statistic for Betternet VPN service

  • Among 3.3 millions apps on Playstore, Betternet become number one VPN service in less than a year.
  • Betternet has 38 millions worldwide users, which more than the population of Canada.
  • 60{0c804bdbbbe23f4566da4545f269124d8592e6741a7be6c90085ee4cd60cef60} users come from outside United States around the globe.
  • Betternet servers handle more than 1 Petabyte each day. This, approximately equal to 500.000 full HD movies per day.
  • Betternet has been mentioned more than 100.000 times per day on the social media.

How to Install Betternet on Various Devices

Here we have a short guide to follow on how to install Betternet for multi devices. We will cover step by step installing Betternet on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox browser.

Betternet for Laptop and PC with Windows OS
To install and download Betternet on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, follow this guide: Betternet for PC Windows

Betternet for Mac OS X
Here the step by step tutorial installing Betternet on Mac OS

Betternet for Android
Betternet works well even on the old android version. Here is the minimum requirements and how to install : Betternet apk Download

Betternet for iOS/ipad
Betternet is also available on iOS and iPad. Here is how to install Betternet for iOS

Betternet for Chrome Browser Extension
Surprisingly Betternet can be use over Chrome extensions. If you are regular user of Chrome, then you wont miss how to install Betternet add-on for Chrome

Betternet for Firefox Browser Extension
Betternet for Firefox is also available, here is how to install it as Firefox extension

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